Google Pixel Fold: The first foldable phone from Google

Google Pixel Fold: Rumours have been coming about the first smartphone coming from the tech giant Google.  Many expectations are also emerging.  This foldable phone comes with the name Google Pixel Fold. 

This mobile project has been given the code name Felix.  However, some display details related to Google Pixel Fold have come out.  It is said that this smartphone will come with a display designed by Samsung

Moreover, more details were also leaked.  It has been leaked that the Google Pixel Fold smartphone will come with Samsung’s primary covered display.  The primary display is said to have a resolution of 1840X 2028 pixels. 

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold

It seems that the maximum brightness of the primary display will be 1200 nits.  The cover display has a max brightness of up to 800 nits when folded.  Both displays have a refresh rate of 120 Hz. 

It is known through leaks that the Google Pixel Fold smartphone will have three cameras on the back.  According to the leaks, there will be a Sony IMX787 main camera, a Sony IMX386 ultra wide-angle camera, and another telephoto lens. 

The inner primary camera is reported to have a Sony IMX355 camera for the display. The cover display has a selfie camera with an S5K3J1 sensor.  Google was rumored to release the Pixel Fold along with the Pixel Six series last year. 

But as the design was not completed, Google delayed it for some time.  Even slight changes in the design caused delays.  It is expected that this Google Pixel Fold smartphone will be released in the first quarter of 2023. 

It is reported that the Google Pixel Fold smartphone will be produced at the Foxconn unit in China.  But so far, Google has not officially disclosed any details about the smartphone. 

The folder did not mention the smartphone during the launch of the Google Pixel 7 series.  But Google is likely to announce this Google Pixel Fold early next year.

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