Mahindra Atom Ev: Mahindra Electric car for only 3 lakhs

Mahindra Atom Ev: Mahendra Company is all set to enter the small electrical market. This electric car comes under the name of Mahendra Atom. Mahendra company will soon launch a small electric car.

Continuing to be one of the organizations, Mahendra has showcased this car at the 2020 Auto Expo. Due to covid 19 the launch of this car will be delayed a bit. But soon the company will bring this vehicle.

Mahindra Atom will be the first electric quadricycle in India if it comes to market. Recently this vehicle also got the approval certificate. In terms of old certificates, this vehicle has been placed in the non-transport category.

Mahindra Atom 1
Mahindra Atom Ev

But this vehicle has now been brought into the transport department. Mahindra Atom comes in four variants. Among these variants, there are only K1, K2, K3, K4 variants.

The K1 and K2 variants come with a 7.4 kWh, 144 Ah battery.  Similarly, Mahindra Atom K3 and K4 variants will have 11.1kWh, 216 Ah battery capacity.  The K1 and K2 variants offer a range of around 78km to 80km on a single full charge.

The K3 and K4 variants, however, offer a range of 100 km on a single charge.K1, K3 can come in the market with air condition features, non-AC variants can travel longer distances.

It has features like headlamps, a big screen, unique grill. Also, the front window is big, this car has 4 seats which are small to see, this vehicle can be used for commercial purposes.

Mahindra’s upcoming small electric car will start at Rs 3 lakh. There are no vehicles that give it competition in the customer market.  It remains to be seen whether any company will bring such cars in the future.

Bajaj Company may bring a competitive vehicle. On the other hand, there is a total demand for Mahendra and Mahendra cars in the market now. Models like the new Scorpio and XUV 700 are selling extremely well. The period is also up to two years simultaneously.  It means that the demand for these can be understood.

Mahindra Atom Ev

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