Jawa 42 Bobber bike price and specifications

Jawa 42 Bobber: A new premium bike will be launched in India.  Java 42 Bobber bike from luxury bike manufacturing company Java Yorji has been launched in the Indian market.  In India, it comes with a starting price of Rs 2.06 lakh ex-showroom. 

42 Babur Top variant is priced at Rs 2.09 lakh.  The Java 42 Baba bike is available in three variants.  The price of the top variant is around 2.09 lakhs.  Java 42 Babur bike runs with a 334 cc engine. 

The maximum power of the Jawa 42 bobber bike is 30bhp which produces a maximum torque of 32.74nm.  It also has updated automatic brake assistant calibration for better riding.  The company has designed the Jawa 42 Babur bike for the Indian market. 

Jawa 42 Bobber
Jawa 42 Bobber

The new Java 42 Bobber variants have made many changes compared to the previous Java Perak made by the Java company.  Its fuel tank design is amazing compared to previous rumors.  Its side cover now has Java 42 Bobber branding. 

It has new specifications like a fuel tank, new saddle, new handlebar, clock console, and LCD display with LED lighting all around.  The new bike comes in 3 color options. It can be purchased in Moonstone Wide, Mystic Copper, and Dual Tone Zafar Red colors. 

The Java Firak is also available in Matte Black with Gold pen stripes.  Chiraku Bike was launched in the Indian market by Java Company in 2019.  Java 42 Bobber bike price depends on color options. 

The Jasper Red price is 2.09 lakhs, the Manstone White price is 2.07 lakhs and the Mistake Copper variant is priced at 2.06 lakhs.  The Jawa 42 Bobber bike can be booked by paying a token fee of 5,000 at the dealership or on the company’s website. 

The company will refund the amount if customers cancel.  This brand new Bible arrived at the dealership.  Test drives on its delivery will begin soon.  There are other motorbikes in India from Java. 

There are other models named Forty Q, Perak, Java, 42, and 42 Babar.  The bike will give competition to Royal Enfield in the segments.

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