Ugadi Bevu, Pachadi Making Recipe: Ingredients to Prepare Here

Ugadi Bevu, Pachadi Making: Ingredients to Prepare Here. Ugadi ushers in a celebratory mood in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. For the people of these states, Ugadi symbolizes the beginning of the New Year as per the Telugu and Kannada calendar. The tree state’s peoples are celebrating the Ugadi on 18th March 2018. This year we are inviting the Telugu and Kannada New Year Hevalambi.

On the event of Ugadi people specially perform pooja to all gods to bless with the joy and courage throughout the entire year. The Hindus prepare a special dish mixing all the six flavors of sweet, sour, acrid, pungent, salt and bitter tastes. To prepare Bevu Bella and Pachadi Making details can get below.

The Ugadi word is derived from a Sanskrit word Yug ( Age) Aadi (begin), that implies the beginning of the new age.

The festival especially celebrated in Anshra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa.

As per the official news the puja timings for the festival.

Pratipada Tithi Begins at 6:41 pm on 17th March 2018.
Pratipada Tithi Ends at 6:41 on 18th March 2018.

UUgadi Bevu, Pachadi Making Preparation Ingredients:

Unripe mango- 1 cup (chopped with skin).
Neem tree flowers- 1tbsp.
Jaggery- 1 cup (grated).
Coconut pieces- 1tbsp,
Tamarind paste- 4tbsp.
Red chilli powder- a pinch.
Salt- as per taste.
Water- 3 cups.

Ugadi Bevu, Pachadi Making; Ingredients to Prepare Here
Ugadi Bevu, Pachadi Making; Ingredients to Prepare Here

Here Preparation Cooking Details:

In case of fruits: you can use any number of fruits available in the market.

Crush ajwain coarsely and add it to fruits bowl.

Remove the skin of raw mango and grate it. Add one tablespoon of grated mango to fruits bowl.

Crush all dry fruits and add it to fruits bowl.

Crush puffed Bengal gram(Hurigadale/Puthani) coarsely and added it to fruits bowl.

Add grated or powdered dry coconut to fruits bowl.

Add crushed jaggery, sugar, tamarind pulp, poppy seeds to fruits bowl.

Now comes the important ingredient of the dish which is Bevu (Neem). You have to be very careful while adding this ingredient.

Take neem flowers, remove petals from it, I repeat only petals, not seeds. There will be small seeds in the center; you have to take out only petals add it to fruits bowl.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and offer it to God as naivedya. After naivedya, you can serve it to guests and family.

Important Instructions:

Grind almonds, cashews, raisins, sugar, dried dates, and jaggery to a fine powder add neem powder and pulse it.
Mix it in a bowl, add grated mango. Mix it, and the Ugadi mix is ready to offer to god.

Wash and clean all fruits. Cut each grape into two pieces. Cut Sapota, Muskmelon, Dates, and ripe Mango into small pieces. Pour all chopped fruits into a big Stainless steel bowl. You have to add all ingredients to it.

The ingredients that are mixed in this dish indicate the tastes of life. Following are the ingredients and their relation to the phases of life:

  • Neem Buds: They indicate sadness of life, as they are bitter.
  • Salt: It indicates the salty moments of life.
  • Jaggery: It indicates sweet and happy moments of life.
  • Chilli or pepper: It indicates temperament and aggressive face of life.
  • Unripened mango: It indicates tanginess in life.
  • Tamarind extract: It indicates the sourness of life.

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