IndiGO Flights are banned in UAE for a week

IndiGo flights are banned to operate in UAE till 24 August approximately a week, source says the main reason behind the scene was the IndiGO Flights Airline was carrying passengers who had not done a rapid PCR test while departing from the airport and it was reported again and again many times.

The Official statement of IndiGO said that all IndiGO flights for UAE are canceled for a week due to some operational reasons.

they also told that all passengers have been informed of this news and going to refund the amount for a ticket which passengers paid.

Or they will provide accommodation for IndiGO flights.

there are certain rules, which one has to follow to travel to UAE through flight, and those are the passenger should bring the negative report of RT-PCR test which has to be done in 48 hours with a QR code link for authentication of passenger and it’s reported.

additionally, the passenger has to show the report of another RT-PCR test which should be conducted within 4 hours time before departure of not only IndiGo but also every flight.

UAE has made the COVID-19 test compulsory for travelers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Uganda.

The requirement to flight UAE

  • the requirement for the RT-PCR test is mandatory from 5th August.
  • the passenger must have a letter of approval from authorities of UAE to travel.
  • the Check in-workers of Airlines must review the test reports of passengers.
  • Upon arriving in the UAE, the documents are also examined.

thus IndiGO Flights did not obey rule after reporting continuously thus their airline’s flights are banned


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