Tata Car: Company offers these Models upto Rs 40,000/-

Tata Car: The leading domestic car manufacturer Tata Motors has announced a huge discount for the customers.  During the festive season, the customers will be given many offers on Tata Safari, Tata Tiago, Tigor, Tigor CNG and Harrier cars.  

You can get an exchange offer of up to ₹40,000 on the Tata Haier, the second best selling car in India.  It also offers a corporate benefit of ₹5,000.  Tata is offering an exchange offer of up to ₹40,000 on all Tata Safari variants.  

Tata Motors otors Logo
Tata Motors Company Logo

Similarly, Tata representatives stated that they will provide ₹15,000 and ₹10,000 discounts on Tigor CNG as an exchange offer.  Tata Tiago offers a benefit of ₹10,000 as an exchange bonus and ₹10,000 as a cash discount.  

The hatchback offers ₹3,000 under the corporate benefit.  ₹10,000 exchange bonus, ₹10,000 cash discount, ₹3,000 corporate discount benefit can be availed on Tigor.

cash discountexchange bonuscorporate discount
Tata Haier₹40,000₹5,000
Tata Tiago₹10,000₹10,000₹3,000
Tata Tigor₹10,000₹10,000₹3,000
Tata Tigor CNG₹10,000₹15,000
Tata Safari₹40,000

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