T20 World Cup 2022: It’s not good to troll Sri Lanka like this if it comes up again

T20 World Cup 2022: The start of the T20 World Cup 2022 has been sensational.  Sri Lanka entered the ring as a favorite despite playing qualifying matches.  Such a Sri Lankan team was shocked by a young Namibia. 

Sri Lanka lost to Nambia by a margin of 55 runs, disappointed with Phelawa’s batting.  With this, the Sri Lankan team is being targeted and trolled on a large scale on social media.  A few days ago, Sri Lanka became the champion of Asia.

And even before a month has passed, they are trolling saying that it is back to the beginning with the worst game.  Sri Lanka’s Nagi dance in the Asia Cup is being trolled badly.  Now they are commenting on the babu, saying, ‘Come on, why do I dance?’  And some of Sri Lankan head coach Chris Silver’s food is full of frustration with photos and tonight you will all have a built-in treatment. 

T20 World Cup 2022
T20 World Cup 2022 Sri Lanka VS Nambia

This means that you are angry that you ran.  The Asian champions have already lost one match.  After that tree, matches should be played with UAE and Netherlands.  Trolls are saying that it is the same with either of those two. 

But pundits are wrong about cricket fans trolling the Sri Lankan team.  Losing a match is not good enough to roll over. Do you take back the phrases, rules, and mimes that you make after losing a match but picking up later in the match?  Never underestimate a win.

Losing two or more matches means trolling.  Moreover, it is not appropriate to troll like this just because one match has been lost.  After Sri Lanka’s defeat by Namibia, Namibia has made a name for itself in the world of cricket today, Sachin Tendulkar tweeted.

While this is the case, Namibia also joined in the event of an anonymous team defeating the top-ranked team.  So far in this list, Zimbabwe beat Australia in T20 World Cup in 2007, England lost to the Netherlands in the 2009 T20 World Cup, Bangladesh in Hong Kong 2014 T20 World Cup, and Afghanistan lost to West Indies in the 2016 T20 World Cup.  Also, Sri Lanka has recently joined the list of winners over Namibia.

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