Shoaib Akhtar’s Reaction on Indian team

T20 WC 2022: As part of the T20 World Cup 2022 tournament regarding the game of cricket, the second semi-final India vs England match was held on Thursday. England won this match and reached the final. Pakistani cricketer Akhtar made sensational comments on this matter.

India, who played well till Super 12, could not win in the semi-final. England won the toss and chose to bowl. Team India scored 168/6. England’s openers won this target with a single-handed win by 10 wickets without giving a single wicket to the Indian team, with four overs left and six fours. Sent to the final.

Even though there were flaws in bowling and many were not in form, Kohli and Surya Kumar Yadav did well for the Indian team to the semifinals.

Shoaib Akhtar’s Reaction on Indian team

In this match, England’s openers, Butler and Alex blew away the target set by Team India. As for the fans of Team India, every single fan wants to win the semi-final and go to the final to face Pakistan. But their hopes were turned into disappointment.

Pakistani cricketer Shokab Akhtar reacted to this defeat. Akhtar, who always wants to be in the news with something, posted a video on social media after Team India’s defeat.

Team India played very well. Bowling was not done properly, I don’t know why Chahal was not played, team selection was also not done properly, Australia is the name given to bowling. Not a single correct player has played in Australia like that.

Even if the pitch is adjusted, wickets cannot be taken. The Indian bowlers did not even feel like taking wickets. If the England batsmen were playing well without falling wickets, at least they did not try to stop them. It seemed that after England, Team India raised their hands. He criticized him saying that if he wants to play with you in the final, then you have lost.

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