Petrol Price up to Rs 6/litre, Diesel Prices hiked by Rs 3.67

Petrol Price up to Rs 6/litre, Diesel Prices hick Rs 3.67
Petrol Price up to Rs 6/litre, Diesel Prices hick Rs 3.67 in India

New Delhi: Petrol, Diesel prices hiked up to 6/-, and Diesel price up to Rs 3.67. Fuel rates increased July 1st to now on 27 Aug.Petrol, Diesel Prices increasing everybody felt the pinch when rates would go up.

Petrol prices are rising like water. According to statistics released by oil companies, petrol has increased by Rs. 6/ Prices went up by a three-year high at Rs 6 a litre after the day-to-day price decision.

Diesel prices also increased. Petrol price increased by Rs 3.67 per litre to Rs 57.03 per litre in Delhi. It’s reached four-month high. The petrol price in August 2014 was Rs 69.04 (Delhi), which is now Rs 70.33 per litre.

Petrol prices were fixed from 1st to 16th of every month, according to international crude prices.However, public sector oil companies have decided to sell the price of any day. This practice continues on June 16th. After this procedure came into effect, prices dropped.

On June 16, petrol price was reduced from Rs 65.48 to Rs 63.06 on July 16.Prices have risen from there. On June 16, diesel prices were up by Rs 54.49 and the rupee had fallen by Rs 53.36 as of July 2.


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