Petrol, Diesel Rates Hike: New Petrol rates in January City wise

Petrol, Diesel Rates Hiked Details
Petrol, Diesel Rates Hiked Details

Petrol, Diesel Rates Hike in January compared with last year. The government last year began to price fuel in India at par with global crude oil price by following a dynamic pricing model that revises the price of diesel and petrol on a daily basis. The global crude oil prices increase, due to this, the petrol and diesel taxes hiked in various cities such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and other places across India.

From June 16, 2018, oil marketing companies Indian Oil, HPCL and BPCL adopted a new system of daily fuel price revisions, effective 6 am every day.

New Changes:

  • The Petrol rates rise by 11-13 paise/ liter in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai.
  • The Diesel prices go up by 18-19 paise per liter on Wednesday.
  • In Delhi, petrol price has risen by Rs. 1.42/litre so far this year.
  • The Indian Oil Corporation has stated this price change will be effective from January 18th 6 AM onwards.

Petrol and Diesel Rates Hiked Details Here:

The petrol price in Mumbai today is Rs 79.15 per liter, and diesel price is Rs 65.74 per liter.

The petrol prices in Chennai today are Rs 73.89 per liter and diesel Rs 65.23 per liter.

Kolkata the prices of petrol and diesel are Rs 74 per lire and Rs 64.54 per liter.

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