National Pension Scheme CPS Death cum Retirement Gratuity

National Pension Scheme CPS Death cum Retirement Gratuity CPS PRAN Death cum Retirement Gratuity to the National Pension Scheme to the account holders.O/ The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati @ Ibrahimpatnam. Cir. Memo No. F2/3058/2013 Dated 01st August’ 2018.

Sub:- NATIONAL PENSION SYSTEM Contributory Pension Scheme – Extension of benefit of Death -cum- Retirement Gratuity and extension of option of Invalidation Pension and Family Pension to the State Government employees covered by NPS and their family members in case of premature exit due to Invalidation / Death – Orders issued by Government – Instructions – Issued.

Ref:- 01).Govt. Memo No. 30857/422/A1/Pen.I/2010, Dated 08/03/2010 of Finance (Pen.I) Department. 02).GO Ms. No. 62, Dated 07/03/2014 of Finance (Pen.I) Department. 03).GO Ms. No. 107, Dated 29/06/2017 of Finance (HR.V-Pension, GPF) Dept. 04).GO Ms. No. 121, Dated 18/07/2017 of Finance (HR.V-Pension, GPF) Dept. 05).GO Ms. No. 47, Dated 20/04/2018 of Finance (HR.V) Department.

Attention of all the Deputy Directors of District Treasuries in the State; and the Assistant Treasury Officer, Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Treasury.  Amaravati @ Ibrahimpatnam is invited to the Government Orders 01st cited, wherein the Government have extended the benefit of Family Pension, Retirement / Death Gratuity to the State Government employees, who are joined Government service on or after 01/09/2004 and covered under NPS. The benefit extended was withdrawn in Government Orders 02nd cited, consequent on issuing of PFRDA guidelines.

The Government in the Orders 03rd to 05th cited, have extended the following benefits to the State Government employees, who joined Government service on or after 01/09/2004 and covered under National Pension System:- Benefit of ‘Death -cum- Retirement Gratuity’ on the same terms and conditions, as applicable to the State Govt employees governed by the AP Revised Pension Rules, 1980.

Option to receive Invalidation Pension or Family Pension in case of premature exit due to invalidation / death, whatever the case may be, on par with the employees governed by the AP Revised Pension Rules, 1980, subject to condition that the Accumulated Pension Wealth in the PRAN account of the employee/subscriber concerned shall be remitted back to Government.

On examination of the procedures envisaged by the PFRDA in such matters in their File No. PFRDA/16/14/02/0002/2017-REG-EXIT, Dated 15/01/2018 read with F. No. PFRDA/24/Exit/1, Dated 26/05/2016 and CRAs Cir. No. CRA/SNPSL/SG/2016/62, Dated 09/06/2016 and the Government Orders in GOs 04th and 05th cited, the following instructions are issued.

Employee / Family member of the deceased employee, who is entitled to and opts for availing Family Pension or Invalidation Pension, shall submit an application in prescribed Form. 103-GD along with ‘No Objection Certificate’ (Annexure-II), Death Certificate, Legal Heir Certificate and Original PRAN Card (if PRAN card is not available, the claimant needs to submit a duly notarized Affidavit as to the reasons of non-submission of Original PRAN card) etc. along with application for sanction of Family Pension / Death – cum- Retirement Gratuity and relevant documents to the Pension Sanctioning Authority (Drawing and Disbursing Officer -cum- Nodal Officer.3) concerned as prescribed by Government in GO Ms. No. 263, Dated 23/11/1998 of Finance and Planning (FW.PSC) Department and GO Ms. No. 97, Dated 07/05/2014 of Finance (PSC) Department.

The Pension Sanctioning Authority shall verify the proposals with reference to the entitlement of the claimant and the documents submitted and attest to both the proposals, whenever required and forward the pension proposals to the respective Pension Authorizing Authority, viz., Principal Accountant General (A&E), Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad / State Audit, as the case may be. In case of Class-IV employees and other low category employees, i.e., Police Constables and Forest Guards, etc., the Audit Officers of the State Audit department (district level); and Audit Officer working in O/o the Director of State Audit, Amaravati @ Ibrahimpatnam (State Head Quarters) is the competent authority, as the case may be.

Immediately after receiving the intimation of Family pension/pension authorization from the respective Pension Authorizing Authority, the Pension Sanctioning Authority, if itself is the Nodal Officer.3, shall take action to forward the NPS Withdrawal proposal in Form. 103-GD along with Annexure-I, ‘No Objection Certificate’ (Annexure.II), Death Certificate, Legal Heir Certificate, Original PRAN Card, etc. to the mapped Nodal Officer.2/Treasury Officer concerned. If the Pension Sanctioning Authority is not the Drawing and Nodal officer.3/Disbursing Officer, these forms shall be forwarded to the latter, i.e., Nodal Officer.3 to take similar action as above. The Pension Sanctioning Authority / Drawing and Nodal Officer.3/Disbursing Officer. Located under the jurisdiction of Amaravati Capital Region shall forward the NPS Withdrawal proposals along with a copy of attested Pension Payment Order, to the Pay and Accounts Officer, AP, Amaravati.

The Pension Sanctioning Authority along with the prescribed Certificate of non-drawal of Anticipatory Pension and Gratuity shall issue another Certificate in the proforma prescribed in Annexure-3 certifying that proposals for withdrawal of Accumulated Pension Wealth has been forwarded to the  Nodal Officer.2 /Treasury Officer concerned. The Disbursing of pension Authority / Treasury Officer shall obtain this certificate along with other documents prescribed to be obtained at the time of identification of the pensioner / Family pensioner and file the same in the PPO record.

Maker of the Treasury Officer / Nodal Officer.2 shall log in to CRA System to select the option ‘Family Pension’ and key-in the required information to claim Accumulated Pension Wealth; and provide the Bank account details of Treasury Officer / Nodal Officer.2 as declared in Annexure-I. Thereby a Claim ID gets generated. This Claim ID should be authorized by the Treasury Officer / Nodal Officer.2 in his / her login.

After successful authorization, the Treasury Officer / Checker Nodal Officer.2, print the output form (Form. 103-GD) and dispatch the same along with filled-in and attested Annexure-I and II, Death Certificate, etc. to the CRA authorities. Simultaneously the Treasury Officer / Nodal Officer.2 shall enter the details of the proposal in Column. (01.) to (09.) of the register to be maintained in the proforma (Annexure-IV).

On receiving the said online confirmation by the Treasury Officer / Nodal Officer.2, the CRA initiates payment process in the CRA System. The Accumulated Pension Wealth of the deceased Government servant / Government servant (in case of disability) for whom withdrawal request is raised, will be transferred to the Bank Account of the Treasury Officer / PAO as mentioned in Annexure-I, as per settlement cycle. The Treasury Officer / Nodal Officer.2 on receiving the information shall update the Column. (11.) of the register.

On receiving the funds from CRA, the Nodal Officer.2/Treasury officer has to remit the entire amount to the HOA: 0071 – Contributions and Recoveries towards Pension and other Retirement benefits 01 – Civil 101 – Subscriptions and Contributions 06 – Refund of Accumulated Pension Wealth in lieu of Family Pension sanctioned to CPS (NPS) employees, by way of challan through CFMS window and update the remittance details in Column. (13.). Then login to NPS Portal ( and key-in the details of deceased employee / employee, viz., Employee ID, PRAN No., Date of demise, PPO No., total value of Accumulated Pension Wealth, Challan remittance details, etc. for record of Pension Disbursing Authority / Treasury Officer (Snapshots are annexed herewith for ready reference). The Deputy Director, District Treasury concerned can view the treasury wise report under his / her jurisdiction in Online NPS Portal and shall monitor on weekly basis.

i.) The Treasury Officer / Nodal Officer.2 shall watch the status of such withdrawal requests on day-to-day basis and take action to remit the amount as stated at para. 3 (h.) above. He / She shall maintain the watch register in the proforma prescribed in Annexure.IV and update it at different stages of the withdrawal process till the final remittances are recorded. The Deputy Director, District Treasury concerned shall verify this register and watch the status of the withdrawals and updating of records at periodical intervals.

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