Lunar Eclipse 2022: Coming on November 8

Lunar Eclipse 2022: This year Diwali falls on 25th. Due to the solar eclipse, we celebrate it a day earlier. But the eclipse is coming again. This time it is not a solar eclipse, but a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse is coming on November 8. This is the last eclipse of the planets this year.

This lunar eclipse is going to happen on November 8, astronomers said. This lunar eclipse will occur only in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, North Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans.

It is also said that this lunar eclipse is very rare. It is also said that this rare lunar eclipse is visible as a fortnight in some countries in Latin America.

Lunar Eclipse 2022 Coming on November 8
Lunar Eclipse 2022 Coming on November 8

When does the lunar eclipse start? How about at what time? Let’s find out.

This total lunar eclipse will occur on November 8. But that day eclipse will be partial in one place and total in another. Let us know the timings of the partial and total lunar eclipses.

Partial Lunar Eclipse:

The start time of the eclipse will be at 2:39 pm Indian time. Similarly, when the total eclipse is complete, the eclipse will be partial again at 6:19 p.m., and then the eclipse period will be full.

Total Lunar Eclipse: Partial when the eclipse begins in the afternoon, then total at 3:46 p.m. This total lunar eclipse will last from 3:46 PM to 5:11 PM and will be partially visible thereafter. However, the time from total lunar eclipse to the obscuration of the moon is 4 hours and 29 minutes.

To see a lunar eclipse in India, you have to wait until the moon rises. An eclipse can be seen from the moment the moon appears in the sky. But there will already be a total lunar eclipse. We cannot see the initial phase of the eclipse. Apart from India, a total lunar eclipse will be visible in some parts of eastern India, including Kolkata.

A partial lunar eclipse will be visible in some remaining areas. Areas like Kohima, Agartala, and Guwahati will witness the total lunar eclipse earlier than Kolkata. However, scientists say that only in Kohima, the moon will appear darker on the lunar eclipse day.

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