E-Challan is going to be more often in these three States

New rules for Challan are specified by govt which are going to give you more trouble if you are not aware of them.

As specified by the government the according to new rules the electronic device should contain a dashboard camera, weigh-in-machine(WIM), body wearable camera, speed gun, speed camera, television camera, and at last Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and other essential devices.

Also according to the rule that states enforcement agencies must have to send the notice related to a traffic violation in between 1 day’s from violation and they should store the record and data till the offender dispose of the challan by paying out dues

Consistent with new rules notified by the transport ministry. Due to this, the policemen won’t be ready to send a challan to offenders by taking a photograph. Instead, they’re going to require electronic records to issue challans.
In series of tweets, the ministry said that the notice of challan should be sent to the offender from the day occurrence of offense and till the disposal of it, and the electric data which will be collected by the way of electronic monitoring should be stored safely till the dispose of challan.

 “State governments shall make sure that such devices are placed at high-risk / high-density corridors on National Highways, State Highways, and at critical junctions, a minimum of in major cities with more than 1 million population, including 132 cities mentioned within the notification,” the ministry said.
it was also said that the electric enforcement devices will be placed in such a way that any issues like a line of sight issue, interruption in traffic flow, nor to cause any obstruction.

According to the newly notified rules, footage from an electronic implementation device having an electronic stamp for location, date and time, are often wont to issue challan for not driving within the designated direction, stopping or parking vehicle at an unauthorized location, and not wearing protective headgear or helmet.

The footage also can be wont to issue challan for crossing a red light, breaking a stop sign, using handheld communications devices while driving, moving or passing other vehicles in a fashion against a law, and other traffic violations.

The e-challan system was initially launched in Delhi in 2019 and it also exists in several other metro and high-density cities

. With the new sets of rules, the ministry wants to extend the number of cities that qualify for such electronic monitoring.
Maharashtra features a maximum of 19 cities, followed by 17 in Uttar Pradesh, 13 in Andhra Pradesh, and 9 in Punjab.


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