Huawei releases Bitcoin Wallet on its App Store

Huawei releases Bitcoin Wallet on its App Store
Huawei releases Bitcoin Wallet on its App Store

Huawei releases Bitcoin Wallet on its App Store. The Amsterdam and Beijing based has made history by becoming the first bitcoin wallet to debut on no. 2 smartphone maker Huawei’s recently launched app store.

A joint censorship effort between the Chinese government and telecom companies has blocked the Google App Store to Android mobile users amid what’s been dubbed “China’s great firewall,” making it difficult for many Chinese residents to access mobile cryptocurrency wallets.

The wallet has more than a million users and has processed more than five billion USD worth of Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash since 2015. As Android users can’t access Google Play Store in China due to a Firewall, wallet gives Huawei users a future to interact with a digital coin app for the first time.

The Huawei AppGallery (App Store) will be pre-installed on all new Huawei and Honor phones, starting with Huawei P20, and will be rolled out to older devices during Q2 2018.

Bitcoin Wallet on its App Store Features:

  • Easy access to your Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash funds in a secure smartphone app.
  • Adjust transaction fees according to priority.
  • Full control of your private keys, giving you complete control over your coins.
  • Multisignature keys: a secure backup mechanism with where user maintains control with two out of three keys.
  • Segwit Compatible- Segregated Witness is a Bitcoin.
  • Lower fees and faster transaction times and Integration with’s popular Block Explorer to check on transactions.

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