Google Tez App Launched Now Download at

Google Tez App Launched Now Download at
Google Tez App Launched Now Download at

Google Tez App Launched Now Download at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley launched Google Tez App for Easy Digital Pay on Monday in New Delhi.

According to the report, “Google, Alphabet Increase subsidiary, will make an entry into India’s fast-growing and super competitive digital payment ecosystem.Google has tied up with National Payment Corporation of India to link this app with the UPA. This app will be like Android Pay, which will release on Google Play Store.

You can send your money to your friends and family safely. And also receive in a easy way. This app supports all banks in India.

How can use TEZ:

Google Tez App Launching for Easy Digital Pay on Monday
Google Tez App

Step 1: Go to play store by clicking Google TEZ or Click Here

Step2: Select your language English or Hindi or your local language tap on top of right side.

Step3: Enter your mobile number and continue.

Step 4: OTP will be sent your registered number and showing your Gmail also.

Step 5: You can see on the Screen you are safe with TEZ. Now you use your Google pin or use your screen lock.

Step 6: After entering your pin all your contacts show on the screen.

Tez is a localised payment service which according to The Ken will offer a comprehensive set of payment options like government-backed (UPI) along with Google’s suite of apps and other popular payments services in India like Paytm.

Let us know that this is the first time NPCI has allowed any mobile app to have multi-bank partnership for payment.

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Google Tez App Launching for Easy Digital Pay:

  • Google is reportedly launching a mobile payment Tez app for India
  • Details suggest it will support existing mobile payment systems
  • Press conference scheduled for Monday

Pay nearby Use Cash Mode to send money instantly to another Tez user nearby without needing to share private details like your phone number or  bank account. Now you can transact with the simplicity of cash, but with added security

India’s billion-plus customers are in the sights of internet giant Google. Digital payment platforms can earn money in the number of ways as operators skim percentages. Google Tez” is set to be released as an app that supports other consumer payment services and will also link to a government-backed payment system called UPI.


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