FACTS: 10 Hardest Countries to get a visa


What makes getting a visa to this nation testing is the quantity of inquiries that one is expected to fill in the structure. In addition, to get the visa supported, one likewise needs to fill in all places that they have visited in the beyond 10 years.


While numerous identification holders can go for a time of 72 hours to China sans visa, a more drawn out stay will require a legitimate visa, the course of which can be a dreary one. Ensure you are totally arranged when you come for the visa interaction and furthermore have the considerable rundown of docs.

FACTS: 10 Hardest countries to get a visa
Hardest countries


Do take note of that an authority Iranian travel service will be expected to apply for the code for your sake, while the approval code is given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran. On the off chance that you are going from India, a VoA won’t be accessible for you.

North Korea

It’s one of the most troublesome nations to gain admittance to and procure a visa. One should apply for the visa through a vacationer office, which gives state-endorsed visits. Those from South Korea or with an American visa, are not qualified.


It’s especially challenging for Americans to gain admittance to this country. What’s more, on the off chance that they neglect to get consent to enter the country, they will likewise get a pink Tourist Card, which is unique in relation to the Green Tourist Card, gave to different identities.

Saudi Arabia

With the presentation of an eVisa for sightseers, one can in any case visit this nation, gave they meet every one of the prerequisites. One justification for why this nation has a severe visa strategy set up is a result of yearly Muslim explorers who visit the country to finish the Hajj.


To get sufficiently close to the nation, applying for a visa is an unquestionable necessity; nonetheless, one will be excluded from applying for a visa in the event that they have a strategic identification given from India, Indonesia, Turkey, China, Iran, and Tajikistan.


To gain admittance to Pakistan, voyagers are first expected to track down a support. They can either be an individual whom the explorer knows in the nation, or it can likewise be a visit organization. The support will be expected to give an authority letter of greeting.


The whole course of getting a visa is tiring, as the nation doesn’t have a standard handling time. It’s fascinating to take note of that the application structure is likewise accessible just in French, and that implies candidates need to have a decent handle of the language.


Those quick to visit this country should fill three duplicates of the filled-in visa application by the Turkmen State Migration Service. Furthermore, they will likewise have to obtain a Letter of Invitation from a support in Turkmenistan, which could require close to 20 days to get.

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