Balakrishna Jai Simha Vs Agnyaathavaasi Movie Collection

Balakrishna Jai Simha Vs Agnyaathavaasi Movie Collection
Balakrishna Jai Simha Vs Agnyaathavaasi Movie Collection

Balakrishna Jai Simha VS Pawan Kalyan Agnyaathavaasi Movie Collection. Nandamuri Balakrishna and Power Star Pawn Kalyan Two heroes big ticket in Telugu industry with each other at the Makar Sankranti festival. Agnyaathavassi has released on 10th Jan and Jai Simha is set for a grand release on January 12.

Agnyaathavaasi got a massive opening at the box office, but the following days witnessed a major set back. Because of the NRA (Non-Recovery Agreement), the producer of PK’s film is safe.

While Pawan Kalyan’s film Agnyaathavaasi got a big first-day opening, it couldn’t sustain from the second day onwards. The collections were just below Rs 10 crore, leading to the box office disaster. Other areas reported similar results. In many of the centers, Balakrishna’s film brought in more revenue than the Pawan Kalyan movie.

Balakrishna’s Jai Simha received a decent opening, but the collections are increasing every day. In many of the centers, Balakrishna film brought in more revenue than the Pawan Kalyan.

The budget of the film was around Rs 40 crore and the producer released it on his own in many areas. The producers of the film didn’t sell the distribution rights in many areas.All we can say is Balakrishna’s Jai Simha is emerging the winner.

Agnyaathavaasi Break up of 6 days share:

Nizam: 10,01,00,000
Ceded: 4,75,00,000
Nellore: 2,12,00,000
Guntur: 4,81,54,982
Krishna: 2,84,68,974
West: 4,28,44,950
East: 3,52,00,000
Uttharandhra: 4,72,00,000
Total 6 days AP & TS share: 37.07 Cr (Gross – 58.20 Cr)
Total 6 days Worldwide share: 52.50 Cr (Gross – 85 Cr).

Jai Simha 1st Weekend area wise break up of share:

Nizam: 2,31,00,000
Ceded: 2,95,00,000
Nellore: 63,74,818/-
Guntur: 1,57,00,000
Krishna: 79,73,085
West: 1,05,00,000
East: 1,18,00,000
Uttharandhra: 1,31,21,360/-
Total 3 days AP & TS share – 11.81cr (Gross – 21 Cr)
Karnataka – 1,25,00,000
USA: 50,00,000
Remaining – 50,00,000 (estimated)
Total 3 days Worldwide share – 14.06cr (Gross – 25 Cr).

Speaking about his film Jai Simha, producer C. Kalyan says, It’s a sensational hit and I never expected this kind of success. It will now easily join the Rs 50 crore club by the end of the coming week.

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