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Asish Mohapatra the consummate McKinsey executive, had left the company job 10 years ago but still, whenever you ask something to him, in fact, anything, Asish mostly start with the common sentence “the For reasons” and after that similar to top executives of any company usually do he will cover every topic one by one step by step, truly he is born to be a businessman

Asish Mohapatra has been appointing on the post of the co-founder and CEO of B2B unicorn OfBusiness
So before going any further let’s know what OfBusiness usually do?, it sells Industrial Goods like cement and gives credit for buying them to small businesses don’t you think at the first look it looks like a simple Business without a breath-taking and pathbreaking.

But it’s not that case because still after 6 years long time startup ecosystem is pulsating about ongoing funding round.
And here The Tiger Global management has been investing at $3 billion valuations which were released on 3 august by Money Control’s first-hand report.

But few days before that Masayoshi Son’s Soft bank led a round of $150 million wherein OfBusiness was evaluated at $1.5 Billion.

In fact, this single round was almost double of its valuation of April which was $800 million.

And yet most are unable to understand why B2B eCommerce is getting so hot recently and what it even do?
For clarity let’s look at some interesting answers were given by Asish Mohapatra to the interviewer.

When the interviewer asked him why did you have had such an interesting career with many different posts but which are irreverent to each other? and

yet how did Asish Mohapatra start OfBusiness?

He said many things about his past career including, he did trading as an investor and also as a consultant and also how he took 1 year to settle things to jump in the B2B Business industry,

he came to the fact that you can build a big company from combining small or medium companies or the services like commerce, marketing, and Financing

And how it was never been a hot topic to invest as money never used to go in B2B.

Everything starts changing between 2014-16, when many companies like Us, Capitalfloat, Udan saw the opportunity to invest which result in changing the whole industry.

The interviewer also asked the doubt that bothers every investor as well as the founder of the company, which was when you are an investor, and you are also involving yourself with the company is it okay, or does it feel okay to founder?

Unlike consumer tech, investing in Healthcare, or other similar services are little different, there are few needs that you must have if you want to run your health enterprises profitable otherwise you will be small forever.

Those needs are you should be very good in service particularly not pharm but standing out clinician and operationally very great like the total commercial.

Because doctors mostly handle the work related to the clinic which leads to having them very little time for other things thus,

You are Actually welcomed to done operational work and which is very natural to fit. It can also result in becoming your permanent investor.

He also answered

What determines being an unsexy Company according to his perspective?,

He said only three merits plays a role to specify the unsexy company

First– It doesn’t have to be in a metro city

Second– It should be something that common man does not Understand

Third– there should have Hard work as well as education.

And then Asish Mohapatra answered many interesting questions followed by the above which were a lot but worth knowing. you can read the full interview here


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