Anushka Sharma Pari Movie Review Here

Anushka Sharma Pari Movie Review
Anushka Sharma Pari Movie Review

Anushka Sharma Pari Movie Review: She is a good actress and producer of Bollywood industry. Most of her films have received good talk. She turned into producer with ‘NH 10’. As actress and producer, she got success with the first film. Then the film ‘Phillauri’ was produced with a new concept and got a positive response from the audience.

Now she has come up with ‘Pari’ that has never seen. Anushka was frightened the audience by releasing posters day-to-day and teaser of the film. Generally, the top heroes do not tend to act in such roles. Anushka tried to be like that. Will the viewers impress the audience as per expectations?. Watch Pari Movie Teaser

Anushka Sharma Pari Movie Review Here

Plot: Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) while driving in the car at night accidentally hits Rukshana’s (Anushka Sharma) mother. She loses her life on the spot. He wants to correct his mistake. He looks after Rukshana. But Arnab is already engaged with Piyali (Ritabhari Chakraborty).

On the other hand, Professor (Rajat Kapoor) is looking for Rukshana to kill her. In this background, Rukhsana turns into the devil. Because of her, Arnab’s troubles begin. Why did Rukhshana become a devil? Why does the professor want to kill Ruksana? Arnab left Rihanna?

Story: It’s a hundred percent horror movie in the backdrop. The poster is saying ‘not a Fairytale’. Prosit Roy directed the film to cope with the caption. Even though this is the first film, the director has narrated the story well. The ghost sequences are shaking in the back. After watching the movie, the spectator turned to the scenes for fear of drowning. Background music is also impressive.

In the first half, he led the main story. In the latter half, some scenes were stretched. The twists that come on and off are good. Like ‘Raj’ and ‘Bhoot’ in Bollywood, ‘Pari’ remembers the audience as a good horror movie.

Anushka Sharma, Rajat Kapoor
Horror scenes

Stretched scenes


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